Wheel Chair Stair Lifts For Disabled People

Stairs are a vital part of a family home. A single story house like a bungalow or an old persons flat isn’t sufficient to replace the two floor home you have lived in so far. If a family member of yours has been disabled due to a medical condition like Parkinson’s Disease or plain old age, they struggle to make it all the way up or down the stairs.

You then need to get stair lifts suppliers round to get a quotation on the costs.  After ordering it is quite quick to get one installed in your house, which will help them manage the stairs more easily. These don’t take a lot of space on the stair case and can avoid any mishaps on the stairs like a trip or a fall.

They allow you to move the disabled person easily in the house without having to make them walk. Also these allow you to move a wheel chair in the house without having to get the person out of it which can be inconvenient for a disabled man or woman.

The picture below is of a regular curved stairlift rather than a wheelchair lift.  A wheelchair lift can be a platform type or a home elevator type.

Nowadays wheelchair stair lifts are commonly used for home use. The reason is that it doesn’t require the person to get up from his chair to ride the lift. It contains a platform big enough to support the wheel chair itself. This way you don’t need to pick up the wheel chair to transfer it to the other floor of the house. The person can ride on the platform in his wheel chair. The lift then can be used to move the chair up or down the stairs.

It is a very feasible option as it allows the person to move freely on his own around the house without having to ask anyone to lift him and put him on the lift. It will allow him to keep his pride and spend his day in any part of the house without being hampered by a disability.

stair lifts for disabled peopleEven though the wheel chair lifts are a bit heavier than the other versions of stairlifts, it still makes them a good option for home installation due to the level of comfort that they offer to the disabled person. These offer effortless mobility to a person whose walking skills have been challenged.

They allow them to roam around freely in the house in their chair upstairs or downstairs and avoid asking others for constant help. It helps in moving the chair upward and downward without any effort. The installation is simple and easy and the platform is pretty reliable for moving a person in his wheel chair up and down without any hindrance.

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